Discover the Fun in Learning: Free PDF 9 Times Table Worksheets for Kids! (Print or Do Online)

Learning multiplication can be a challenging milestone for many children, but with the right tools, it can also be a fun and engaging experience. Our collection of free 9 times table worksheets is designed to make mastering multiplication an enjoyable journey. 

a wide selection of colorful 9 times tables worksheets - multiple choice, color by multiplication, multiplication flowers, moon matching, and more...

Packed with vibrant illustrations and creative exercises, these worksheets are perfect for kids who are just starting to learn or who need a bit more practice to perfect their skills. Scroll down to explore the exciting resources we've crafted to help your child succeed in math!

Introducing Our 9 Times Table Worksheets

We've created an extensive range of free PDF 9 times table worksheets, each uniquely designed to offer a different learning experience. From brightly colored versions that capture children's attention to black and white sheets perfect for those who love to color, our worksheets cater to every child's preference. 

No printer? No problem! Our editable PDF multiply by 9 worksheets can be completed on your computer or tablet! Simply click in the boxes and type in the answers. 

These resources are easily downloadable, ensuring that you can access quality educational material whenever and wherever you need it.

Our worksheets feature a variety of exercises, including multiplication flowers and color-by-multiplication activities. Multiplication flowers are an engaging way for kids to visualize the 9 times table, while color-by-multiplication worksheets, similar to multiplication wheels, offer a hands-on approach that reinforces learning through coloring. Each design is crafted by a talented children's illustrator, making the worksheets not only educational but also visually appealing and fun.

Want the 9 times table answer sheets/cheat sheets for all the worksheets below so you can quickly check the work or let kids self-check?

Simply CLICK or TAP on the images below to download the FREE PDF worksheet of your choice!

Download Your Free PDF Worksheets (color versions)

Want to Combine Math and Coloring? Download our Black and White Versions 

Download These Worksheets For Multiplying By 9 If You Want to Do Them on Your Computer, Phone, or Tablet

The Benefits of Using Our Worksheets

Using our 9 times table worksheets provides numerous benefits for young learners. Firstly, the diverse range of exercises ensures that learning never becomes monotonous. By presenting multiplication in different formats, children can develop a deeper understanding and retain information more effectively. This variety also caters to different learning styles, whether a child learns best through visual aids, hands-on activities, or repetitive practice.

Secondly, the engaging illustrations and interactive elements of our worksheets keep children motivated and interested. The fun designs by our children's illustrator transform what could be a tedious task into an enjoyable activity. This positive association with learning helps build confidence and encourages children to take on more challenging math problems with enthusiasm.

Understanding the 9 Times Table: Tricks and Tips

Learning the 9 times table can be easier with a few simple tricks. One popular method is the "finger trick": if you hold up all ten fingers and fold down the finger that corresponds to the number you're multiplying by 9, the remaining fingers show the answer. For example, to find 9 x 3, fold down the third finger, leaving 2 fingers on one side and 7 on the other, making the answer 27.

Another trick is the pattern in the products of the 9 times table. The digits of the answers add up to 9 (e.g., 9 x 2 = 18, and 1 + 8 = 9). This pattern helps children quickly verify their answers and reinforces their understanding of multiplication.

Getting Started with Our Worksheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Download the Worksheets: Download the free PDF 9 times table worksheets that you'll use. Choose from the vibrant color versions or the black and white ones that children can color in themselves.
  2. Print the Worksheets: Print the worksheets on standard A4 paper. Ensure you have a variety of exercises to keep the learning process dynamic.
  3. Set Up a Learning Space: Create a comfortable and quiet space for your child to work on the worksheets. A well-organized space can help improve concentration and productivity.
  4. Explain the Exercises: Go through each type of exercise with your child. Explain how the activities work, and demonstrate the steps if needed.
  5. Practice Regularly: Encourage your child to practice regularly. Consistent practice helps reinforce learning and builds confidence.
  6. Review and Reward: Review your child's work and provide positive feedback about the things that lead to their achievement - this might be their effort, their focus, their trying their best. Look closely and find their super-power. Use small rewards to motivate and acknowledge their progress.

FAQ Section

1. Are the worksheets really free?

  • Yes, all our 9 times table worksheets are completely free to download and use.

2. Do I need special software to download the PDFs?

  • No, you only need a PDF reader, which is commonly available on most devices.

3. Can I use these worksheets for my classroom?

  • Absolutely! Our worksheets are perfect for both home and classroom use.

4. What ages are these worksheets suitable for?

  • They are designed for children typically in grades 2-4, but can be used for any child learning the 9 times table.

5. How often should my child practice?

  • Regular practice is key. Aim for short daily sessions to keep the material fresh.

6. What if my child finds the exercises too difficult?

  • Start with simpler exercises and gradually introduce more challenging ones. Use the tricks mentioned to make learning easier.

7. How can I give feedback on the worksheets?

  • We welcome feedback! Please visit our website's contact page to share your thoughts.

Integration with Curriculum Standards

Our 9 times table worksheets align with common core and other educational standards, ensuring they support the required learning objectives for elementary mathematics. Each worksheet is designed to complement classroom learning, making them an excellent resource for reinforcing multiplication skills at home or school. By integrating these worksheets into your child’s study routine, you can be confident they are meeting the necessary educational benchmarks.


Mastering the 9 times table is an important step in a child's mathematical education, and our free PDF worksheets make this journey enjoyable and effective. With a variety of engaging exercises, fun illustrations, and practical learning tips, these resources are designed to keep children motivated and help them succeed. Download our worksheets today and watch your child's confidence in multiplication grow!

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Recommended Order for Learning Times Tables

When introducing times tables to children, it's beneficial to follow a sequence that gradually builds confidence and understanding.

  • 2 Times Table: Begin with the 2 times table, as doubling is a concept that children often grasp quickly.
  • 10 Times Table: Next, move to the 10 times table, which is an easy step because it involves adding a zero to the multiplier.
  • 5 Times Table: Follow this with the 5 times table, which builds on the familiarity of counting by fives.
  • 4 Times Table: Proceed to the 4 times table, which can be seen as doubling the 2 times table (e.g., 4 x 3 can be answered by doubling the result of 2 x 3).
  • 3 Times Table: Introduce the 3 times table, which requires a bit more memorization but reinforces earlier learning.
  • 6 Times Table: Continue with the 6 times table, which combines knowledge from the 2 and 3 times tables.
  • 8 Times Table: Next, tackle the 8 times table, leveraging the doubling concept from the 4 times table.
  • 9 Times Table: Introduce the 9 times table, which has patterns that can be learned with practice.
  • 7 Times Table: Then, move to the 7 times table, often considered the most challenging.
  • 11 and 12 Times Tables: Conclude with the 11 and 12 times tables, which build on previously established patterns.

This progression helps ensure a solid and confident grasp of all multiplication facts.

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