Meet the Gold Star Team!

Hi, and thank you for your curiosity in coming to find out a bit more about us. 

Marco and Mickey

Let me take a moment to welcome you to Gold Star Worksheets. We're all about facilitating the growth of your little ones through stunning worksheets, effective praise, and encouragement.

We make learning fun and take (some of) the stress out of teaching, making each day with your special ones even more impactful and meaningful. Whether you're a teacher or parent, we want to do whatever we can to make your life easier!

Meet Marco

Let me introduce you to my partner, Marco, here at the mad matter's tea party! He's a children's illustrator and graphic designer. He also runs educational programs in primary schools and family and wellbeing centres in London. He's a huge Disney fan, as you can see from the picture above! 

Mad Hatters Tea Party

I'm sure you'll agree Marco's work shines with his love and care for children. I'm always impressed with his dedication to do whatever he can to support their growth and happiness and how he is so young at heart when working with them. 

Whether you're looking for resources to use in class, in homeschooling, or for something extra to support your littluns growth at home, you're exactly where you need to be. We are always adding new and interesting pintables that are both fun and plant the seeds of growth and a love of learning.

and me?

James Stevenson

It's nice to meet you. I'm James from the UK. For over a decade I was a teacher, first in secondary schools, then for 4 years I taught English in Japan. When I returned to the UK I spent some time running educational projects for local government in London. I ran a youth parliament with over 100 elected young people who ran projects to improve society. In this work, I became more and more interested in factors which facilitate learning, growth, and flourishing. I did a Masters degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and am now a qualified coaching psychologist, meaning businesses and individuals hire me to help them move forward.

Now, I'm trying my best to use what I've learnt to support children, parents and educators!

Whatever we can do to support you please let me us know! and Thank you for all you do!

James and Marco


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