Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten - Fun and Friendly  Designs (FREE PDF, NO SIGN UP NEEDED)

Are you looking for some decent quality and free addition worksheets for your kindergarten kids? 

Our wide variety of kindergarten addition worksheets are all printable and free, making your prep stress-free. 

More information about the addition worksheets

All our worksheets are designed by a children's illustrator and a teacher...they're all free because we're committed to closing the unfair gaps in children's education.

More details about these addition worksheets for kindergarten kids

When you click on the images above, you go through to a page with a variety of worksheets you can use. 

You'll find the following varieties of worksheets so you can get the level right for where you're child is now on their learning journey. 

  • Addition to 5 worksheets - These easier worksheets are most likely suitable for ages 4-6. Addition is most commonly a topic for kindergarten but some may start in late pre-school or Pre-K. After learning 1 more and 1 less, and counting on by 1 and 2, these worksheets focus on adding two single digit numbers with the highest possible answer of 5 (i.e 1+2, 2+3, 1+4 and so on). 
  • Addition facts to 10 worksheets - These addition worksheets are also suitable for ages 4-6. They focus on adding two single digit numbers with a highest possible answer of 10.
  • Addition facts to 18 worksheets - If you prefer to work with addition facts up to 18 then these worksheets are for you. Most likely used in kindergarten, ages 5-6.
  • Addition facts to 20 worksheets - Same as above but with the highest possible answer set at 20. We celebrate that different teachers work in different ways and want to support all.

Why are these free?

We've been asked often why these are free? It's a fair question. Looking at the quality it's clear they took time, care, and skill to create them. 

The answer is simple. We want parents with limited resources, public school teachers, those in less prosperous countries, refugee families, families with less to spend, to find and use our worksheets. 

How to use our addition worksheets 

You can use these addition worksheets for kids in kindergarten. 

They can be given as part of a homework pack, used at home in the school holidays, or used in the classroom to check on past learning.

As a parent, you can use to give a little extra practice at home to consolidate the learning in school. You may also want some one-on-one learning time so you can see their progress and praise all the effort they've put in to get there.

If you're going to use a worksheet multiple times you may consider laminating it to save on paper and ink. 

What makes our worksheets different?

We've tried to make each one of our worksheets appealing especially to kindergarten children, putting ourselves in their shoes, using fun and engaging images and a variety of tasks including coloring etc.

We try and capture their imagination. Their wellbeing and learning is at the heart of what we do.

We also love the idea of young children being surrounded by great minds, inspiring thoughts, and encouragement. We've selected some of the world's greatest educators and thinkers, and shared their thoughts so this can happen. 

We hope to make children curious and reflective, exploring their own thoughts and pondering the meaning. We believe in the power and potential of children and are keen to plant seeds for their happy growth. 

Do you like our kindergarten addition worksheets?

Let us know what you think of our addition worksheets for kindergarten or if you enjoyed them.

We're always looking and open to hearing new ways to make your life easier. Got any ideas? Please let us know, and we'll hopefully have our work guided more and more by you. We're in this for life!

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