Mastering Multiplication: Discover the Magic of Our 12 Times Table Worksheets (Print or Do on Computer)

Multiplication is a fundamental math skill that opens the door to advanced mathematical concepts. But let's face it—memorizing multiplication tables can be a daunting task for kids.

That's where our vibrant, engaging 12 times table worksheets come into play. Available for free download in PDF format, these worksheets transform learning into an adventure filled with colorful illustrations and fun exercises. Whether your child loves to color or prefers straightforward practice, we have something perfect for them. No printer? No problem! We created editable PDF worksheets that can be completed on your device of choice, online or offline! 

And of course, we have answer sheets for each worksheet so kids can self-mark in pairs. 

Scroll down to find out how our unique resources can make mastering the 12 times table a joyous journey for your young learner.

a selection of colorful 12 times tables worksheets - multiple choice, color by multiplication, multiplication flowers, moon matching, and more...

Introduction to Our 12 Times Table Worksheets

Our collection of 12 times table worksheets offers a variety of approaches to mastering this essential math skill. Created by a talented children's illustrator, these worksheets are designed to captivate and engage. From multiplication flowers to color-by-multiplication worksheets, each sheet presents a fresh and fun way to learn the 12 times table. These worksheets are not only educational but also visually appealing, making math practice a delightful activity.

The worksheets are available in vibrant color versions and black-and-white ones, perfect for kids who enjoy adding their personal touch with coloring. Each worksheet features a different exercise, ensuring that children never get bored and continuously reinforce their multiplication skills in new and exciting ways. These unique designs help keep young minds stimulated and eager to learn, turning a potentially mundane task into an enjoyable experience.

Want to quickly check the work or let kids self-check? Use these answer sheets for all the 12 Times Table worksheets below. Download here

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Download Multiply by 12 PDF Worksheets in Black and White 

Download these editable PDF Worksheets to practice multiplying by 12 online

The Benefits of Using Our 12 Times Table Worksheets

  1. Engagement and Motivation: Our worksheets are designed to capture children’s attention with bright colors and creative illustrations. By making learning visually appealing, children are more likely to stay engaged and motivated to practice regularly.
  2. Variety of Exercises: Each worksheet offers a different exercise, from traditional multiplication problems to interactive games like multiplication flowers and color-by-multiplication activities. This variety ensures that children are not only learning but also enjoying the process, which can lead to better retention and understanding.
  3. Development of Fine Motor Skills: For younger children, the coloring elements of our worksheets can help develop fine motor skills. As they color within the lines and fill in the correct answers, they are also enhancing their hand-eye coordination.
  4. Customization for Different Learners: With both colored and black-and-white versions available, our worksheets cover all learning preferences. Children who are more visually inclined can benefit from the vibrant versions, while those who like to color can add their artistic touch to the black-and-white sheets.

12 Times Table Tricks

To make learning the 12 times table even easier, here are some handy tricks:

  • Break It Down: Break the 12 times table into smaller parts. For example, to find 12 x 6, you can calculate 10 x 6 (60) and 2 x 6 (12), then add the results (60 + 12 = 72).
  • Patterns and Rhythms: Notice the patterns in the 12 times table. For instance, every result is a multiple of 12, and the last digit alternates in a predictable pattern.
  • Real-Life Examples: Use real-life scenarios to explain multiplication by 12, such as counting items in dozens or calculating the number of items in multiple boxes.

Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents and Teachers

  1. Download the Worksheets: Download the free PDF versions of the 12 times table worksheets.
  2. Print the Worksheets: Choose between color and black-and-white versions based on your child’s preferences or your situation.
  3. Introduce the Concept: Start with explaining the basics of multiplication and specifically the 12 times table. Use examples and real-life scenarios.
  4. Engage with the Worksheets: Begin with the simpler worksheets and gradually move to the more complex ones. Encourage your child to complete a few problems each day.
  5. Reinforce Learning: Use the worksheets regularly to reinforce learning. Mix up the types of exercises to keep things interesting.
  6. Track Progress: Keep a record of your child’s progress. Celebrate milestones to keep them motivated.

FAQ Section

Q: Are the worksheets really free?
A: Yes, all our 12 times table worksheets are completely free to download and use.

Q: Can I use these worksheets for my entire class?
A: Absolutely! Our worksheets are perfect for both individual and classroom use.

Q: Are the worksheets suitable for all age groups?
A: While they are primarily designed for elementary school students, they can be useful for any age group needing multiplication practice.

Q: How often should my child practice?
A: Regular practice is key. Aim for at least 10-15 minutes of multiplication practice each day.

Q: What if my child finds the 12 times table too difficult?
A: Start with simpler multiplication tables and gradually introduce the 12 times table. Use our variety of worksheets to keep the learning process engaging and less intimidating.

Q: Are there any answer keys available?
A: Yes, each worksheet comes with an answer key to help parents and teachers quickly check answers.

Q: Can I laminate the worksheets for repeated use?
A: Yes, laminating the worksheets can make them reusable with dry-erase markers, providing an eco-friendly option.

Q: Are there digital versions for online learning?
A: Currently, the worksheets are available as PDF downloads, which can be used on digital devices or printed.

Q: How do the worksheets align with curriculum standards?
A: Our worksheets are designed to complement standard math curricula, reinforcing the skills and concepts taught in classrooms.

Q: What makes your worksheets different from others available online?
A: Our worksheets are uniquely designed by a children’s illustrator to be both educational and fun, with a variety of exercises to keep children engaged. Imagine a child watching a cartoon from the 1940's and you get a taste of what a boring worksheet might be like for them. 

Integration with Curriculum Standards

Our 12 times table worksheets are thoughtfully designed to align with educational standards. They support the curriculum by providing practical exercises that reinforce classroom learning. The variety of activities ensures that different learning styles are catered to, making these worksheets an excellent supplement to standard teaching methods. Whether used in a homeschooling environment or as extra practice for school students, our worksheets help ensure that children achieve proficiency in multiplication, meeting and exceeding curriculum expectations.


Mastering the 12 times table doesn’t have to be a chore. With our free, engaging, and beautifully designed worksheets, learning multiplication becomes an enjoyable adventure. Download your copies today and see how our creative approaches to math practice can inspire your child to excel. Happy multiplying!

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