Beautiful 9 times table worksheets for Grade 2, 3 or 4!

Help your child master their multiplication and have fun at the same time

We've got nine different 9 times table worksheets for you. Everything from multiple choice to coloring.  Each one is downloadable in PDF.

Once you're satisfied with your kids progress in multiplying by 9, how about checking and downloading our 12 times table worksheets and 7 times table worksheets? They are, not always, but most often the next in line. 

Working through a selection of the sheets below will help your child grow in their math confidence and will make future math more enjoyable. 

Worksheets Order

  1. Draw a line from the 9 times table multiplication problems to the correct answers
  2. Answer the sums and color in the picture - what will they discover?
  3. Learn to multiply through repeated adding - using friendly Giraffes
  4. More practice with these colorful flowers this time
  5. Use the process of elimination with multiple choice problems 
  6. Multiplication fun with caterpillars 
  7. Practice multiplication by helping a frog
  8. A basic list of missing answer problems 
  9. Finally, 2 lists of sums, in order and mixed up

1. Help the moon by drawing a line to the correct answers

The worksheet will test your students multiplication skills. It's a good beginner worksheet because the fewer stars there are left, the easier it is to choose the correct answer. Also wiley kids can pick off the easier problems first to make the more challenging ones less so... All the while they will be solidifying their knowledge.

2. Coloring 

Using the code students can find out which colors to use to bring the picture to life. Math combined with coloring... time to build focus and concentration skills.

3. The Giraffes - Multiplication as repeated adding

The child in me loves this printable. Add a little fun to learning math by doing it with a tower of exotic giraffes. Sure it's an relatively easy one because once you've done the tallest one you've done them all, but it's growing and deepening understanding all the time.

4. Flowers

A bit of tweak to keep things interesting and keep the mind awake... the sums are printed on flowers in this beautiful 9 times table worksheet.

5. Multiple Choice

Which one is it one most likely to be? Even if the answer doesn't jump out at your students they can have an educated guess. That makes this an ideal 9 times table beginner worksheet. 

6. Caterpillar Problems 

It's math party time with these joyful caterpillars. It's infectious! 

7. Frog worksheet

Ready to make multiplication fun? Help the frog jump on the lily pads in the 9 times table.

8. Fill in the missing 9 times table answers

Of all the 9 times table worksheets on this page, this one is the most challenging and should be done last. That's because students need to be able to fill in the first part of the sum, the 2nd part, and the answer, requiring the most flexibility of multiplication thinking. 

9. Two lists of multiplication problems

Click on the image to download the worksheet you want below. 

Did your child like these 9 times table worksheets? Which got the best reaction?

We love to hear your feedback. Please share your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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