3 times table worksheets that aim to be fun! 

Colorful worksheets that explore 3 times tables in different ways

The 3 times table worksheets you'll see here mostly use animals to help make the various math exercises entertaining. We've noticed that kids in grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 love them!

As you'll see, we've created lots of different ways in which you can present various times table problems.

Variety of 3 Times Table Worksheets

Order of worksheets

  1. Help the moon by drawing a line from the multiplication problems to the correct product
  2. Answers the problems and color with the answers - color by product worksheet
  3. Fun Giraffe's worksheet - kids learn their 3 times table by writing numbers in a sequence 
  4. Our times table flowers are based on the popular multiplication wheels
  5. Three times table multiple choice questions - Tortoises
  6. The caterpillars worksheet has more 3 times table practice
  7. Help the frog jump on the lily pads to get across the pond
  8. Can you enter the missing answers with this worksheet
  9. Finally, these standard lists of sums

1. Match up the Sums and Answers

If you're after a quick matching challenge then this might be ideal. Print out and get cracking!

2. Multiplication by 3 - Color by Product

Completing this color by product 3 times table worksheet will be so rewarding! This might be one for the wall!

3. Three times table in a Sequence

Realising that 3x4 is 3, 6, 9, 12 is a bit more exciting when it leads up the giraffes neck and arrives at their face.

That's true for me so it must be even more true for kids! We hope to spark their curiosity and make math memorable.

4. Times Table Wheels (flowers version)

What better way to practice your times tables than on some flowers! Who said math worksheets are boring?! Not here! Probably our most difficult 3 times table exercise.

5. Multiple Choice Worksheet

A great worksheet for someone just starting out in their multiplying by 3 journey. Students can use process of elimination to help them to come to their answers. 

Hopefully they'll feel a little extra encouragement from their new friends. 

6. Three Times Table Questions on Caterpillars

How about spicing up your multiplication fact practice by doing it with some friendly caterpillars?

7. Help the frog

Can your little ones help the frog get across the pond by leaping on to each multiple of 3? Another fun way of growing multiplication understanding 

8. Missing Answer Problems

What patterns will your students notice with this 3 times table worksheet?

In terms of the order of difficulty of al the printables on this page, I'd recommend doing this one last. 

9. Practice Lists of 3 Times Table Problems

Time for some more practice multiplying by three? 

This one is great for 3 times table beginners who are just starting to become familiar with the multiplication facts for 3. 

Not too dissimilar to the one above in this one the list of three times table problems are jumbled up.

This one little step up in difficulty may get those young brains lighting up and making connections. 

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After the 3 times table, usually comes... 

Download your worksheets now to plan ahead and be prepared.

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