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Welcome to the world of engaging and educational resources designed to make learning the 4 times table a delightful experience for kids!

Our free PDF 4 times table worksheets are not just about numbers and sums; they're a doorway to interactive and creative learning that will captivate children's imaginations.

a wide selection of colorful 4 times tables worksheets - multiple choice, color by multiplication, multiplication flowers, moon matching, and more...

Whether your child loves vibrant colors or prefers to add their personal touch to black and white illustrations, our worksheets are crafted to cater to every preference. No printer? No problem! With our editable PDFs, children can now complete the worksheets online or offline.

And of course, we have answer sheets for each worksheet so kids can self-mark in pairs. 

Scroll down to discover how these worksheets can transform the way your child approaches multiplication!

Explore the Diversity of Our Worksheets

We understand that each child unique, which is why we've created a variety of 4 times table worksheets to suit different needs. Each worksheet is packed with distinct exercises that make learning multiplication by 4 both fun and effective.

Our collection includes the ever-popular 4 times table multiplication flowers, and color by multiplication worksheets that combine art with math for an engaging experience.

For those who enjoy interactive activities, there's a frog jumping on a sequence of 4's, a giraffe with a neck where kids write 4’s in sequence, and fun caterpillar-themed worksheets. Matching, multiple-choice questions, missing answer worksheets, and basic lists of sums provide a comprehensive approach to mastering the 4 times table.

With the addition of editable PDFs, kids can complete these activities directly on a computer or tablet, offering a flexible and modern approach to learning. They can also print the worksheets to work on them at home or in the classroom, making these resources adaptable to any learning environment.

Want the answers to quickly check the work or let kids self-check? For all the ANSWERS to the 4 Times Table worksheets Download HERE.

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Vibrant and Fun Color Worksheets for Multiplying by 4 

Want to add some coloring to your 4 times table practice? These black and white versions are perfect! 

Use these editable PDF's if you want to complete multiply by 4 problems on your computer etc

Key Benefits of Using Our Worksheets

  1. Engagement and Enjoyment: The vibrant illustrations and interactive activities capture children's interest and make learning the 4 times table fun.
  2. Variety of Exercises: With multiple types of worksheets available, children can practice multiplication in different ways, enhancing retention and understanding.
  3. Creativity Boost: Coloring worksheets allow children to express their creativity while practicing math.
  4. Improved Retention: Repetition through various fun exercises helps reinforce the multiplication table, aiding long-term memory.
  5. Develops Problem-Solving Skills: Different types of problems encourage critical thinking and problem-solving.
  6. Skill Development: Regular practice with our worksheets improves multiplication fluency and confidence in mathematical abilities.
  7. Free and Accessible: All worksheets are available as high-quality PDF downloads, making them accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
  8. Parent and Teacher Friendly: The worksheets are easy to download, print, and integrate into any teaching plan, making them a convenient tool for parents and educators.
  9. Flexibility: Editable PDFs allow children to complete worksheets online or offline, providing convenience for different learning settings.

How to Use Our Worksheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Download and Print or Complete Online: Start by downloading the free PDFs from our website. Choose between completing them online or printing them in color or black and white for coloring.
  2. Set Up a Learning Environment - Create a quiet, well-lit area with necessary supplies like pencils, erasers, and colored pencils or crayons.
  3. Introduce Multiplication - Explain the concept of multiplication with real-life examples and start with simpler worksheets to introduce multiplying by 4.
  4. Practice Regularly - Use a variety of worksheets to test and reinforce knowledge in different ways, and provide consistent practice.
  5. Incorporate Creativity - Let children decorate and color the worksheets, and use games and group activities to make learning fun.
  6. Monitor Progress - Review completed worksheets to assess understanding, provide feedback, and keep a record of progress.
  7. Adjust as Needed - Tailor the difficulty of worksheets based on progress, incorporating more effective exercises and staying flexible in your approach.

Recommended Times Tables Order

When teaching children times tables, it's beneficial to follow a gradual sequence that helps build their confidence and understanding.

  • Begin with the 2 Times Table, as doubling numbers is a concept children grasp quickly.
  • Next, introduce the 10 Times Table, where multiplying by 10 involves simply adding a zero to the multiplier.
  • Progress to the 5 Times Table, reinforcing counting by fives which is familiar to children.
  • Move on to the 4 Times Table, which is essentially doubling the results of the 2 Times Table (e.g., 4 x 3 can be found by doubling 2 x 3).
  • Introduce the 3 Times Table, which requires some memorization but builds on earlier learning.
  • Continue with the 6 Times Table, combining knowledge from the 2 and 3 Times Tables.
  • Next, explore the 8 Times Table, leveraging the doubling concept from the 4 Times Table.
  • Introduce the 9 Times Table, which has recognizable patterns that improve with practice.
  • Proceed to the 7 Times Table, often considered more challenging due to its less obvious patterns.
  • Conclude by introducing the 11 and 12 Times Tables, which expand upon previously learned multiplication strategies.

This progression helps ensure a solid and confident grasp of all multiplication facts.

Want to read more about the correct order and why?

FAQ Section

Q: Are these worksheets suitable for different ages?
Yes, our worksheets cater to a range of ages, from early elementary through middle school, with varying levels of difficulty.

Q: Can I print these worksheets in black and white?
Absolutely! We provide both color and black-and-white versions for flexibility. You can print the color ones in black and white as well but the color will show up as grey. We created the black and white versions so the color in replaced by white space. This is so kids can enjoy some coloring fun. 

Q. How often should children use these worksheets?
Depending on individual needs, using them a few times a week is ideal for steady progress.

Q. Are these worksheets aligned with educational standards?
Our worksheets align with common core standards for mathematics education.

Q. Can I use these worksheets in my classroom?
Yes, teachers can integrate these worksheets into lesson plans and homework assignments.

Q. Are these worksheets free to download?
Yes, all our worksheets are available for free download for parents, teachers, and schools alike.

Q. How can I provide feedback or request new worksheet topics?
Feel free to contact us with any feedback or suggestions you may have. It's always nice to hear from you.

What makes us unique?


One of our wishes is to awaken the imagination of young minds by connecting math to their environment. To the animals, and flowers, and trees, and sky. We want kids to feel curious, and to feel the joy of learning within themselves, even when outside the classroom. 

We weave in times table questions with engaging and interesting animals and aspects of nature. This makes learning math more enjoyable. We also hope to pave a path to more mindfulness and a stronger positive connection with nature... for children to feel supported by the world around them. 

Integration with Curriculum Standards

Our free PDF 4 times table worksheets are designed to align with educational standards, ensuring that they complement and enhance classroom learning experiences. Whether used as supplementary materials or integrated into structured lesson plans, these worksheets support key mathematical concepts outlined in national and state curriculum frameworks.


Our collection of free PDF 4 times table worksheets offers a wealth of opportunities for children to master multiplication skills in an engaging and effective manner. With activities that cater to diverse learning preferences and levels of ability, these worksheets empower parents and educators alike to foster a love for learning math.

Bookmark us for later or download these resources now to support your kids and watch as they embark on a journey of mathematical discovery and achievement.

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