Free and Engaging Letter O Worksheet for Kids in Preschool or Kindergarten

This printable letter O tracing worksheet is colourful and fun... perfect for young imaginations

Our letter O worksheet is for those learning to write, whether in homeschool, pre-k, preschool or kindergarten. Your children can try out both the lowercase and uppercase versions of the letter O.

Our worksheets tend to use animals as we noticed more of a reaction in children who use them. For this reason we also make our worksheets colorful and vibrant, so you have the option to print in color if you wish. 

If you want to prepare a homework pack for a half-term or summer break from school that parents will be wow’d by, this worksheet can be excellent. It also enhances the experience of parents trying to get their children to do work. It reduces stress and makes it easier for everyone.

To download the PDF for this letter O worksheet click on the image below.

Letter O worksheet (Download and Print)

"What can we do to help our children learn the alphabet even better?"

A famous quote by Benjamin Franklin...  "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn" has moved feelings of inspiration in me many times and continues to do so. As long as they are personally involved and not just listening to explanations you're on the right track I'd say. 

As a teacher, homeschooler, or homeschooling parent, there are many helpful things you can do while introducing the letter L to your children. What have you tried to help your child get used to the letter F? Have you tried fun games? songs? Activities? 

So what could you try alongside this letter O worksheet? It might be a good idea to help them by writing on your tablet/phone using an app? Would they like to practice with their fingers in sprinkles or rainbow drops if you have them? How can you use your strength of creativity?

Helping them grow

Can you recall learning how to write letters when you were a kid? It’s quite a big deal when you think about it. Can you get rid of all the pressure and allow an even larger space allowing mistakes? Of course, there is no mistake really. The only mistake is not even trying. Growth and imperfections are inextricably linked (Dweck, 2017).


Dweck (2017). Mindset. Robinson.

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