Colorful Letter H Worksheet - Tracing Practice 

Free printable letter H worksheet for preschool or kindergarten kids writing for the first time 

This letter h worksheet is a great way to practice forming the letter H. Perfect for those who are learning to write the alphabet in home-school, kindergarten, or preschool depending on your rhythm.

Better writing skills are coming soon... A bright, imaginative, and positive writing experience is much more useful than working on a boring worksheet with lots of black and white text. Greater joy, growth, and understanding come from a more enjoyable learning experience (Fredrickson, 2011).

You can download a free PDF of this H for goat worksheet below.

My kid doesn't like to do worksheets. what should I do?

If you're having some trouble getting your child to do their homework, especially at 4, 5, 6 years old... remember these words well... 

Would you like to play a game?

One option is to make the worksheet part of the game somehow. Think of an obstacle course... Somehow having 5 things in one makes it more fun. Whereas just trying to climb a rope on it's own alone is perhaps less so. You might for example want to ask your child to find something that you've hidden (little chocolate eggs?), take it to the Hen (on the worksheet), and then when they draw a line of letters you hide another one. You could play the hen, and put on your best hen voice saying "thank you" in hen. When the worksheet is part of a larger thing then it's not just "work".

Of course, there are countless ways of integrating the worksheet into a collection of activities to make it a small part of a fun activity or game. I'd be interested to hear how you and your kids do this!

What to admire and point out to create greater growth

If you enjoy helping your kids learn in a fun way and in a way that stimulates their desire to learn more, a great way is to admire their process and when they succeed share that... how they actually got there! You could even ask, What helped you complete the worksheet? 

If you think about what has helped you (the teacher, parent) overcome the challenges you recently were up against you may notice it's similar characteristics that lead to the result? "Well done! I seen a lot of effort!" will show them how to value their efforts and devote themselves to other things with determination!

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