A Letter G Worksheet that Sparkles!

This beautiful letter G worksheet is PDF, and is 100% free

Been searching the net for a letter g worksheet that will make learning the alphabet more fun for your little kids? 

A little color, nice pictures, makes it more fun for children. Time to make the worksheet part of learning interesting for them. Say no to boring text and yes to bright fun images!

This worksheet is designed to add a little bit more to the child's experience... a smile and a sense of involvement. We designed an image they will naturally want to connect to.

To download, click on the worksheet. 

Now you've done some tracing, what's next?

When it comes to learning the alphabet, you probably sing, watch videos, play games, do worksheets and activities…  Some of my favourite videos include stories centred around a letter. 

What else can you do to encourage your children to understand the alphabet? A game of I spy with my little eye? Draw on the sand? Draw on your child’s back and they draw the same on paper?

Facilitating growth

If you can, try putting yourself in their little shoes... put yourself in a place to get a better understanding in advance. Can you write a complex Chinese characters (new like this is new to them) and write with your non-dominant hand (so you have less developed motor skills like them)?

I’m sure you know this and embody this in your approach already… but I never tire of hearing it… The only mistake is not trying. The very fact that they are trying is praise-worthy and a victory in itself!

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