Letter F Worksheet - F for Frog

This free, printable, letter f worksheet encourages your kids to trace the letter F in lower and upper case

Are you looking for a decent-quality letter F worksheet to help your children practice forming the letter F?

This free PDF worksheet which is most likely to be used in preschool, Pre-K or Kindergarten, looks to add a little something extra to the child's experience... a smile and a sense of engaging. We have designed images that aim to connect. 

Download the Letter F worksheet

To download the PDF for this letter tracing worksheet please click on the image.

Learning all about the letter F? 

What else have you tried to help your kids become familiar with the letter F? Have you tried some fun games? Songs? Activities? 

During my time as a teacher I enjoyed playing games, learning games from other teachers and making up games and variations of games and trying them out. One fun alphabet game involved me singing the ABC song at different paces, and my students either dancing and sitting down when they heard the letter, or freezing when they hear it. I would change the letter each time, but usually focusing on the letter/letters we were learning that day more than others.

There are so many variations of this. Can they sing the song and you sit down? Giving a child the teacher role for a little bit always made for some extra fun in learning.

Maybe introducing new variations of the ABC song (there's loads on youtube) and pressing pause to stop the song on a letter? Then they could sit on a letter (flashcards on the floor?), or pick up a letter (alphabet shapes scattered around?).

When I was teaching kids who were 4-5 years old an alphabet lesson lasted 20-30 mins. If you're teaching your child at home I'd recommend 20 minutes and putting 4 maybe 5 different games or activities in there, with little drink breaks.

I would never lead with a worksheet :-) A fun game, a break, another game maybe with a song, a break, then a slower more thoughtful game perhaps, then grabbing some nice colors and doing the worksheet so we can stick it up on the wall or show mummy.

Did you create any variations of the games here? How did you use the worksheet in a fun way? 

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