The Letter B Worksheet (for Preschool and Kindergarten Children)

Are your kids ready to learn how to write the alphabet? This letter b worksheet can be used for extra practice at home or as part of a lesson plan in preschool, pre-k or kindergarten

Our letter b worksheet is a great way to practice forming the letter b. Letter formation also helps further establish the ability to recognise the letter b, which by now will probably already be coming along nicely. 

Writing letters can get off to a nice start using letter tracing worksheets. The worksheet here let's your little ones practice both the lower case and upper case versions. The road to confidence can be a bumpy one and we hope to take away as many bumps as possible!   

Letter B worksheet: Download the PDF here

To download the free PDF click on the image below and enjoy!

How else can I help my students become more familiar with the letter B?

When it comes to the alphabet, I'd bet by now the ABC song had plenty of air-time. It's gotta be the king of learning of through repetition when it comes to the abc's. As well as listening to you hit those soothing notes, they may have even given it a go themselves. 

When it comes to recognition... "what's that?" "B!", there may have been some progress as well as this often comes before writing. That doesn't mean it has to stop though. Deepening recognition while practicing tracing letters will all grow familiarity, learning, and alphabet confidence. 

So what's next? How about a bit of coloring? Getting hands -on and writing in a tray of "add interesting produce here" can be a good idea. Sprinkles if you have them? Or Sugar? Just make sure they don't eat them all! There are lots of creative ways to practice writing letters

Another possibility is to check out some of the newer songs out there. I don't know how you feel about our good friend "Mrs YouTube" as a teacher but if you're open to a bit (or a lot), there are even songs available now dedicated solely to the letter B. I sometimes wonder if there is a correlation between how irritating I find the videos to be, and how much they help children learn. If this suspicion of mine has any truth in it then "the letter B song" may be very helpful :-)

Maybe there is something you can do with dinner tonight? Make your beans into the shape of a b and see if they notice? Dinner in the shape of a smiley face is great but not every single night! ;-)

Putting yourself in their shoes

Remember, if you can, to try and put yourself in the shoes of your little ones...

This place of understanding can be a powerful facilitator. How about trying to learn a complex Chinese character, and write it with your left (or non-dominant) hand and an oversized pen? Just to get yourself in the mindset of patience and respect? Which these kids deserve in abundance! 

Praising to support growth 

If you're keen on helping your kids learn in an enjoyable way, and in a way that ignites their desire to learn more, then praising their process when they're successful is a great way to do this. What was it they did that helped them complete the worksheet?

Or put another way, what was it that helped you complete the complex Chinese character? Was it patience, concentration, effort, a desire to grow as a person? "Well done! Great effort!" is more likely to cause them to value effort and want to show you how they can put in effort in other things!

and finally...

I'd love to hear about how you get on with this letter b worksheet... And if you have any interesting learning moments to share in general while helping your children grow in their alphabet journey?

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