Letter A Worksheet - Tracing and Coloring 

Free printable letter A worksheet for kids learning to write 

Our letter A worksheet is designed to make the difficult task of learning to write the alphabet easier and more enjoyable. Your kids are guided with tracing lines and letter formation images.

Becoming familiar and building pen control ability is a journey. We want to pay attention to the details and like how engaged they are because we know positive emotions and learning go hand in hand.

Download your PDF for this letter A worksheet below. 

Letter A worksheet - A for Ant

Helping them with the letter A

When it comes to learning the alphabet there are loads of tools and approaches at your disposal. You can mix up mediums like songs, videos, games, worksheets, and activities. You can get hands on and get active.

The most learning in my classes seemed to happen when I used a variety of approaches as a teacher so there is something in my class for everyone. Also I would always switch activities often, allowing time for active learning such as games and then relaxed learning such as coloring or sitting down with a nice sheet. 

My kids loved to do things like tracing so they can feel like big kids and show their parents and older siblings. How about your kids? 

Positive Education  

One of my favourite models of wellbeing popular in education is the PERMA model. It's a great guide when considering how you might improve alphabet learning for your kids? It stands for P - Positive emotions, E - Engaging, R - Positive relating, M - Meaning, A - Accomplishment.

I'm an accredited personal development and positive psychology coach and I often use this framework to guide my questions. You may want to ask yourself related questions as a teacher based on this. Such what positive emotions are you seeing in your lessons? How much joy, interest, peace, awe, inspiration, amusement, hope, and pride is happening? Barbara Fredrickson (2013) found more learning and growth when positive emotions where being experienced. 

How engaged do your students look? When are positive relationships most being facilitated? How aware are they of the positive consequences of what they're doing?

It's a big challenge to help everyone experience personal accomplishment especially with the risk of comparing with others. In her book, Mindset, Carol Dweck (2017) highlights a useful approach involving how and what to praise. Noticing and praising things that can be repeated was shown to lead to greater growth and accomplishment, as well as more wellbeing. 


Fredrickson (2013). Love 2.0. Plume Publishing. 

Dweck (2017). Mindset. Robinson.

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