High Quality 8 Times Table Worksheets for Grades 3 or 4

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Multiple choice, color by product, sequencing and more... Check out our different 8 times table worksheets below

Been scouring the web for 8 times table worksheets that make math and multiplication a bit more fun for your little ones? 

We've tried to do that here. We've seen too many drab and boring worksheets out there and decided there must be people out there who feel the same.

All our worksheets are designed by a professional children's illustrator and a former teacher who are passionate about children's education...they're all free because we care about creating a quality learning experience for all... especially in schools with less funding, and families with less disposable income.

8 Times Table Worksheets

Once you're done with the 8 times table, what's next up for you? The 11 times table? The 6 times table? Order of preference seems to vary a lot around the world. You can view all our times table worksheets to choose your next one.

Download your PDF for the 8 times table worksheets below by clicking or tapping on the image.

8 Times Table Worksheets Order

  1. Match the multiplication problem with the correct answer
  2. Color in the picture by doing the 8 times table sums 
  3. Fill in the beautiful flowers 
  4. Learn with the Giraffe's how multiplication is a sequence of addition 
  5. Choose the correct answer with our multiple choice tortoises 
  6. These caterpillars have some 8 times table problems for your students
  7. Help the frog find a path
  8. Ready for a bit of a challenge? The missing answers worksheet is our toughest one 
  9. Finally, if you prefer a list of sums, this is for you 

1. Matching activity 

With this worksheet, supported by the moon, your third graders will draw a line from the problem to the correct product. 

2. Eight Times Table - Color by Product 

If your kids like coloring and are learning their 8 times tables this will be perfect. 

3. Eight Times Table Flowers

With this multiplication activity, the problems are on the flowers. Can you complete it? 

4. Find the 8 times table products by writing in a sequence 

Help your little ones grow their times table understanding by thinking about multiplication as a sequence of numbers going up in 8's.

5. Eight Times Table Multiple Choice

How about some multiple choice? Get your students to use the process of elimination to develop their understanding of the times tables.

6. Multiplication on Caterpillars 

More 8 times table practice, this time with fun caterpillars.

7. Help the frog

Your kids will love this frog jumping worksheet. Help the frog make her way, jumping from one lily pad to the next, and becoming more familiar with the multiples of 8 at the same time.

8. Missing Answers

Fill in the missing answers to complete. Lots of learning in this slightly more challenging 8 multiplication facts worksheet. 

9. Lists of problems

Finally if you want a basic list of multiplying by 8 problems to practice check out the sheets below. Click on the images to download the PDF for each. 

Now you've downloaded some worksheets for multiplying by 8, how about:

The Positive Psychology Bit 

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Paper Saving Tip

How about laminating these worksheets so you can use them again and again? Simply use a dry-erase marker and wipe off after use with a wet cloth. Great for the classroom, home-schooling, or for lots of practice at home.

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