Fun 6 times table worksheets - 8 activities to choose from!

Your grade 2, 3, or 4 kids will love these vibrant printable and free 6 times table worksheets!

We've created 6 times table worksheets for you so you can challenge your kids on their multiplication facts for 6's...

The selection of activities below have been created with the hope that learning from many angles will create fertile ground for personal realisations enabling a love for math to blossom! 

Fun 6 Times Table Worksheets

Multiplying by 6 is considered one of the more different times tables (1-12) and the next ones, the 9 times table, the 12 times table, and the 7 times table are thought to be the toughest. If you have time, how about preparing now with our 9 times table worksheets, our 12 times table worksheets, or our 7 times table worksheets.

Order of worksheets below

  1. Draw a line to the star with the correct answer
  2. Color by product worksheet - what's in the image?
  3. Learn multiplication as sequencing with these friendly giraffes
  4. Fill in the petals of the flowers to make math more engaging 
  5. Kids practice their 6 times table with multiple choice problems on tortoises 
  6. Some more fun practice with caterpillars this time
  7. Practice reciting the multiples of 6 by helping a baby frog 
  8. List of missing answer problems 
  9. Basic list of multiplication facts for 6's

1. Reach for the Stars

This 6 times table worksheet let's your kids help the moon by drawing a line to each star. 

2. Reveal the Image by Coloring

With this activity, suited to 2nd and 3rd grade, your little ones will add some color each time they answer a 6 times table problem and gradually create a magical scene.

3. Six Times Table Worksheet on Safari

How lovable are these? Counting by 6's... 6, 12, 18... Writing up the long necks. We are trying our best to make learning math magical!

4. Multiplication by 6 Worksheet - On Flowers

Nature is full of opportunities to explore math!

Awaken their curiosity with this... if we don't say so ourselves... very nice looking worksheet.

It's in printable PDF and it's totally free. We hope your kids enjoy using it!

 5. Tortoises and more 6 Times Table Facts

These 6 times table questions are suitable for third grade, or perhaps second grade, depending on how your area works. 

6. More Six Times Table Practice

It's fun time for these colorful critters! We hope that parents, homeschoolers, and teachers enjoy using this 6 times table worksheet with their children. 

7. Multiples of 6 practice - helping a baby frog 

This bouncy activity should capture the imagination of young minds and make math more interesting and engaging. 

8. Filling in the 6 Times Table Answers

Is it time for your kiddies to get some more practice on their 6 times table facts?

This list of problems might be too difficult for someone just starting out, because it requires working with all parts of the sum.

It could however be great for someone who has learnt quite a lot already and wants to completely master their 6's.

9. Basic Multiplication List (6 times table)

Practice makes perfect!

Can your children challenge themselves once more, connecting more patterns, learning more ways of working with numbers, opening up the path to more confidence?

Let's keep praising their effort! 

Which times table is next?

Now that you've got our worksheets for multiplying by 6... how about checking out:

Not everyone agrees on the best order for doing the times tables, so whatever number you're going for after 6 you can find at our times table page

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