5 Times Table Worksheets (9 different printables)

Get better at math with our free 5 times table worksheets 

These 5 times table worksheets are for anyone who is supporting grade 2, grade 3 or grade 4 children in their multiplication skills during elementary math.

If your little one's have completed their 1's and 2's, it's time for them to take on 5's!

Variety of 5 times table worksheets

Sometimes before and sometimes after learning to multiply by 5, children do their 10 times tables. You can download worksheets for the 10 times table to get ready for that next level. After that is most often multiplying by 3's and the 4 times tables

Have a little scroll through our 5 times table worksheets below and choose as many as you like to print out and use. Multiplication with an injection of fun... 

Find the worksheet you're looking for below

  1. The Moon and the Stars worksheet - Drawing a line to the correct product
  2. Coloring activity - Answer and color to reveal the image 
  3. Fun giraffe activity - Find the answer by drawing up the Giraffe's necks 
  4. Beautiful flowers will make learning to multiply by 5 more enjoyable 
  5. Want a slightly easier activity? How about this multiple choice worksheet? 
  6. These cute caterpillars should capture the imagination of your little ones
  7. Learn to count up in 5's with our frog worksheet
  8. This worksheet challenges students to fill in the missing 5 times table answers 
  9. and if you want a standard list of sums...

1. The Moon and the Stars

Mr moon wants a hand...

Each problem leads your child to a star... what will your child think... 

Shooting stars? 

The moon is praising their efforts every step of the way! 

2. Color by Number Multiplication Exercise

What will your children find in the picture when they color it in using 8 different colors?

Goldie the Star says "If you completed this 5 times table worksheet... well done! You must have really put in great effort!" 

3. Multiplication Facts Practice - Counting up in 5's

If you'd like to help your children grow in their understanding of multiplication facts for 5's this may be the ideal print out. 

Is this a bit easy for them? Well that just won't do! How about challenging them to complete it backwards... starting at the top and working their way down?

4. Flower Multiplication Practise 

Multiplication wheels are great fun... Ready for the next level? Introducing.. multiplication flowers! 

Just like your children these flowers are growing and growing... stretching their abilities and reaching for the skies!

5. Multiplying by 5 Questions (on Tortoises)

Print this colorful worksheet and ask your children if they can circle the correct answer. 

Possibly best suited to beginners in their 5's multiplication facts.

So.... worksheets CAN be enjoyable!

6. More Practice Multiplying by 5 

Time to develop math skills with these fun friendly caterpillars. Did you know more learning happens when positive emotions are being felt? Learners also see more, they have broader awareness... super important when it comes to growing understanding of numbers! 

7. Help the frog

Can your students find the multiples of 5 path and help the frog get across the pond?

8. Our Most Challenging 5 Times Table Worksheet

This is the trickiest one we do. Once they've really mastered the x5 pattern this could be a good final test before attempting the next times table difficulty level (which would depend on where you live). 

Also, if your child is already quite proficient and is just looking to increase speed for example, this might be a good one to use as a timed test... i.e. how many can they do in 2 minutes?

9. Sums List 

If you're looking for a simple, no-frills, list of questions to answer then... here you go! 

As you can see, the left side is from 1-12, and the right side is the same but backwards. 

If you want to make it a little more tricky, you could ask your little learners to start at the top on the right hand side? 

What comes after the 5 times table?

Next up is usually the 10 times table, followed by the 3 times table... but there are some slight varieties in different countries so be sure to check what's happening locally. Best of luck to you little ones! 

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