Fun and Bright 12 Times Table Worksheets for Children 

Get practicing with our 12 times table worksheets created specially with your grade 2, 3 and 4 kids in mind

These 12 times table worksheets cover a wide selection of math exercises. Your kids can learn their multiplication facts with lists of sums, drawing a line connecting sum and answer, coloring the correct answer, chooses the right answer and more. By using a variety of worksheets your kids have an opportunity to find interesting patterns, and grow in confidence with using larger numbers. 

The 12 times table along with the 11 times tables will be your children's first experiences in double-digit multiplication, opening the way to more challenging math.

Once you've completed 1-12 you might like our multiplication table worksheet which covers multiplication problems for all the times tables. 

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Order for worksheets for easy finding

  1. The moon and the stars one - connect with a line
  2. Coloring - reveal the picture
  3. Giraffe's - 12 times tables as a sequence 
  4. Multiply by 12 flowers
  5. Choose the correct answer Tortoises
  6. Caterpillar questions
  7. Cross the pond - frog printable
  8. Missing answers 
  9. Basic list of questions 

1. Draw a line to match the 12 times table sums with the answers

One of our beginner 12 times table worksheets is this moon and stars one, where kids are asked to draw a line to match the multiplication problem with the solution. 

2. What's in the image? Answer and Color 

This intricate coloring activity includes lots of 12 times table practice. 

3. More practice multiplying by 12 with Giraffes

Develop student understanding with this interesting worksheet that encourages children to work out the answers by adding 12.

4. Twelve Times Table Flowers

How about this as a new way to develop multiplication skills? Each flower has 6 problems. 

5. Circle the right answers - Tortoises

Taking on the 12 times tables in various ways should lead to some interesting awareness and learning. How about adding the process of elimination and choice to this?

6. Caterpillars (Multiply by 12)

We've put some 12 times table sums on caterpillars to make it more interesting and engaging for young curious minds.

7. Twelve Times table frog worksheet

12...24...36... Can your little learners help our frog across? There must be lots of creative ways to use this printable...

8 and 9. Fill in the gaps and Basic List of problems

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... and a little positive educational psychology

  • What do you like about challenges and difficulties? 
  • What do you get out of them?

One of the qualities of people who learn, grow and develop a lot is that they tend to seek out challenges. That's because they realise that challenge is benefitting them. It's causing them to grow. They're becoming more capable. This describes what is known as a growth mindset. We all have both a fixed and a growth mindset. Questions like these can foster a greater tendency toward the more desirable latter. 

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