Number Tracing Worksheets 1-10 for Preschool and kindergarten (PDF)

Hoping for worksheets that are more fun than the average sheet? Check out our free number tracing worksheets below!

These mixed activity number tracing worksheets can also be used to practice counting and include a coloring exercise just to add a little more fun. 

We love these preschool and kindergarten number tracing worksheets, and we're sure you will too!

We've created worksheets for the numbers 1 through 10. Each worksheet has been created with our wish to make learning through worksheets more enjoyable for each child that uses them. 

Print our these PDF worksheets and plant some more seeds so your kids can start to recognize and read their numbers even more than before. 

Free preschool or kindergarten number tracing worksheets for numbers 1-10

Numbers and counting in everyday life

The worksheets above will help your children become more familiar with numbers... They'll help your kids develop their understanding.

Remember this is difficult for a child! It's the equivalent of us trying to start learning a new language like Chinese! So holding this in mind, your strength of patience is obviously important.

When there are those little victorious moments, try and praise the desirable repeatables... how she was curious, how she was trying to count even when she was in the park, her effort, how she didn't give up and kept going when it was tough (so she can link these to success and do more of them). As I'm sure you know, kids love to be praised and are not big on being nagged. But "well done" on it's own won't give them any concrete things to keep doing. Even worse is "my little genius" or something like that... It's a lot of pressure to repeat that one!  

Life is packed full of opportunities to count and recognise numbers. Bath time... dinner time (and dessert time of course!)... while cooking... while out and about... Ignite their curiosity with guessing games (how many sweets in the bag?), sing songs and tell stories (even if they are made up ones), and generally have fun with it. How many hairs can I pull out of my nose? How many poo's did the dog do? The more fun it is, the more they will enjoy it and want more of it!

Of course, your strengths of kindness and fairness will help you to get that just-right level of challenge, and your creativity, humour, and love will enable you to make it fun! Good luck!  

Do you have a favourite worksheet? I think mine is the parrot one, or maybe the duckling one...

We'd love to hear from you in the comments below...

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