The Number 9 Worksheet: Color, Trace, and Count

Is it time to learn more about the number 9? This beautifully designed number 9 worksheet will be a perfect addition to any lesson plan

This number 9 worksheet aims to make the path toward recognising, counting and writing the number nine a bit more enjoyable. Learning is a magical thing that happens without any push... We're learning all the time... 

By now, your kids, most likely in kindergarten, will be counting already. They will just be entering the big kid world of pens and paper... Numbers will already be beginning to make sense to them. Now we are just deepening those connections. 

The journey of saying 9, hearing 9, connecting the sound 9 with the written 9, is a gradual one as I'm sure you've experienced already. It's full of realisations and re-realisations. As the various parts become more and more to make sense to the child, understanding and use comes into being gradually. 

As kids pick up on the use of numbers in the real world they will want to show you what they're learning and what they now understand. No doubt, it will be an exciting moment for them. If you're using the worksheet at home how about letting them choose when they're ready to show you? Or how about a prize for effort or patience rather than success or perfection? 

We know children like to show parents and older siblings their work and how they are growing up and are just like their brothers and sisters. We've designed our printables with this in mind... rather than a quick throw away something that can mark the occasion... something for them to be proud of and to treasure.   

Download and print the PDF worksheet above for free. 

More about learning the number nine

How else can you support learning to happen when it comes to the number nine, the highest single digit number? Can you think of any games to play where you can count up to 9? 

How many places can your kids name where they'll find the number 9?

How about a treasure hunt with 9 treats? 

When it come to writing a nine, perhaps after your kids become comfortable with tracing they might like to write it with chalk on the concrete? and draw 9 of something they like and you can count with them?

I'm sure there are many far more arty than me out there, who are coming up with all kinds of creative ways practising number 9 skills. How about sharing in the comments?

If your kids are sports fans, how about a game up to 9? Can they score 9 goals? Or get 9 points?

I hope whatever mix of approaches you choose are fun and create a positive learning memory. And be sure to try praise that which is adjustable to them... so you empower them and cause them to feel the thrill of learning and growth :-) 

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