Free Number 4 Worksheet - for Kindergarten or Preschool Kids

This number 4 worksheet makes even me smile and I'm pretty old, so the kids are bound to love it. Your children are encouraged to count the flamingos... 1, 2, 3, 4!   

They can then get some key practice with number formation by tracing along the dotted lines. We know that kids come alive when they meet animals... they also love a bit of coloring so we've included a counting and coloring activity at the bottom.

What's more... did you know that scientific studies have shown that people learn better when experiencing a positive emotion? Joy, for example, which happens when safety and familiarity are present, leads to a greater rate of acquiring skills and learning. fascinating!

All our worksheets are designed by a children's illustrator and a teacher...they're all free because we're committed to closing the unfair gaps in children's education.

So using this worksheet, your children can recognise, count, practice handwriting, and all in all become more familiar with the number 4. 

What else can you do to introduce children to the number 4?

As a former preschool and kindergarten aged teacher myself, I loved a varied and active approach with singing, dancing, and lots of games. Some of the games, for example, one of my favourites, use number flash cards.

In this game, which I think I called cowboys, two children, or one child and a parent/teacher, stick a flashcard to their chest with a number on. They stand back to back and take 4 steps (as we're learning the number four!), counting the steps as they walk. So 1....2....3....4! At four, they both turn around they point and try to call out the number on the other kids chest while also trying to hide they're own number. Watch what happens! It's a wonderful and fun game that could keep my students entertained for ages! And when I said shall we play this game, they were always excited :-)

Whether as a parent/carer or a teacher I'm a fan of a variety of different activities. Recognising, counting, writing... all foster understanding and development. There are lots of child-friendly and easy to remember songs out there which will help with counting. Also, integrating numbers into ordinary daily tasks makes sense. Draw a picture with 4 different colors? You could choose 4 colors and count as you add each color. How about doing something silly? Wearing 4 hats? 4 socks (2 on your feet, 2 on your hands?). Creating a dance with 4 dance moves and repeating it. Talking of dancing...

Did you know that flamingos can run on water? and that they can dance?! How about watching the flamingo dance along with the number 4 worksheet above? Maybe even copying the flamingo dance? I know I want to after watching it! You could add in counting to 4 with the dance moves... 

Also couldn't possibly go without mentioning a childhood favourite of mine... connect 4! How many hours did I spend playing that game! 

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