About the Number 3 Worksheet - coloring, counting and tracing

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This preschool or kindergarten worksheet is ideal for those aged 4-5 and just starting to write numbers

Is it time to focus on number 3? Your kids can use this number 3 worksheet to practice writing the number and also consolidate learning by coloring and counting with some super-cute bunny rabbits.

They are growing and becoming more familiar with numbers all the time that they practice even if only for a couple of minutes. How about taking this completed worksheet around with you and putting three of something (cereal?) on each of the rabbits giving them a little snack? What else might they want? Can you find three of something else?

Do you remember writing your numbers or letters for the first time when you were a child? I remember moments of concentrating and thinking "I want to draw a nice looking one". If you spot something like good concentration and point it out positively... "Wow. Well done with that number I seen you were really concentrating. That's great", they'll be more likely to concentrate in other things. 

All our worksheets are designed by a professional children's illustrator and a former teacher who are passionate about children's education...they're all free because we care about creating a quality learning experience for all... especially in schools with less funding, and families with less disposable income.

About this Number 3 worksheet

This worksheet is great for practicing number formation with a little bit of positive emotion thrown in. Kids seem to love animals... We've decided to take full advantage of that when introducing your little ones to math. 

By tracing and forming the curvy shape of "3" they deepen familiarity with the number. Remember it can be daunting and the goal is certainly not perfection. Do you remember being in school and everyone comparing how nice their numbers are? Then I think about the doctors handwriting that is notoriously considered difficult to read. So what's the goal here? One important aim is to foster enjoyment and thirst for learning, and to do that we must look for it and praise it when we see it. 

Learning numbers

Of course, there's loads of ways to learn about numbers. How about some role play? Or story time? The 3 little pigs anyone?

Or maybe a nursery rhyme? I was surprised how many of these I could remember. Totally forgot about one potato, two potato...

The world is full of chances to count, collect, buy, spot. Making dinner into a buffet and serving 1, 2, 3 chicken nuggets is a great way. 

How about an activity or a game?

I do love a numbers treasure hunt with prizes if your little ones find the number 3? Maybe they win 3 grapes? 3 Cookies? 3 silly dances form you? 3 tickles? You get the idea...

Learning number 3 in nature is also fun, educational, and good exercise!

Maybe now is a good time to introduce rock, paper, scissors if you haven't already. Instead of rock, paper scissors, you could say, 1, 2, 3, GO! Or Tic tac toe, 3 in a row? Lot's of opportunities to count there...

How did you use our number 3 worksheet? What have you done while learning the number three that worked really well? We'd love to hear in the comments...

Paper Saving Tip

How about laminating these worksheets so you can use them again and again? Simply use a dry-erase marker and wipe off after use with a wet cloth. Great for the classroom, home-schooling, or for lots of practice at home.

We appreciate that schools around the world all work in different ways, at different paces, and do things in different orders. We acknowledge that many different ways of learning can work well, different approaches being more suitable in different cultures and contexts.  We believe that sooner is not better than later, and faster is not better than slower. We wish to support everyone in the way they work so if you work differently and we can help, please do get in touch.