Beautiful Letter S worksheet from Gold Star Worksheets

Your kindergarten and preschool kids will actually enjoy doing these vibrant free letter s worksheets!

This free PDF letter s worksheet, most likely to be used in preschool, kindergarten, or pre-k, contains uppercase and lowercase exercises. We hope that the bumpy ride of growth will feel comfortable with fun and colorful images. We noticed more engagement and more smiles when the kids were working on worksheets with colorful animals on.

As a result, our worksheets aim to be vibrant with quality designs.

Ready to download and print out? Just click on the image of the worksheet below and you're ready to go!

More about Teaching the letter S - Order

Your young'uns have come a long way! Often the copying parents is done first... for example, saying A when you say A. Then attempting the ABC song perhaps, then being able to point at a letter when you say it... 

Next is writing and this usually starts with tracing various lines, followed by tracing letters. Pen control is still in development so giving some thought to ideal order based on this is recommended. Experts seem to agree that straight lines come first (i.e. H, I, L, T, E, F), then curved (O, U, J etc), then diagonal lines (V, K, W and so on). 

How to grow their writing confidence

With my psychologist hat on, I'd say there are some key pathways to self-efficacy that are relevant here...

  1. One is past experience, so you want children to do the easiest first, so when they do a more challenging one they have a success experience to fuel them. The key is it "feels" like a success experience.
  2. Another is watching it being done. So feel free to show them slowly that it's possible. Another child showing them could be even more helpful.
  3. Yet another is verbal persuasion. I believe in you. You're getting better every time you try. Your effort is great! 
  4. Finally feedback from their body or physiology. As an educator, what you can do is watch more closely than ever before. Is it too easy, too difficult, what is their posture and telling you?

Which one might you try and act on first? Good luck!

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