Colorful Letter R Worksheets: Tracing Practice 

Letter R worksheets for preschool and kindergarten that introduce a super cute rabbit and a rat that you children will love!

These letter r worksheets are a fun way to practice writing the letter r. Writing the alphabet usually begins around the age of 4-5 in preschool or kindergarten, but as always, it depends on your child's unique circumstances.

Tracing makes the difficult task of learning to write letters easier and helps your children enjoy the process more. Learning the formation of letters also helps to firmly establish and speed up the ability to recognize the letter r.

It takes time to get used to and build pen control skills. I'm sure you want them to have a good time doing it, so I made printables for children that are fun and alive.

If you want to download and print the PDF for these worksheets click on the worksheet images below.

What can I do along with these worksheets at home? Any tips?

When I taught 4-5 year olds, the alphabet lesson usually lasted 30 minutes. If you're home-schooling, incorporating 4-5 different games and activities and taking a few breaks will keep things fun. 

I never once started a lesson with a worksheet. A song and dance, a fun game, a break, another game, a break, and maybe then a worksheet to take home. Parents coming in to a nice peaceful class was a nice bonus :-)

Another good idea is to make the worksheet part of a game. So for example, filling out one line of r's and then racing to do something before the Rabbit wakes up. Make something up with your child... they'll love that! Our printables are designed with nice colors so kids can stick them on the wall, or show them to their mum proudly.

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