Letter P Worksheet for Tracing Practice (Preschool or Kindergarten)

This free letter p worksheet is pig-themed. Help their growing familiarity with the letter P blossom

This free PDF letter P worksheet will help kids start on the long journey of learning to write. A journey of 10,000 miles begins, hopefully enjoyably! This starts with the alphabet which usually begins in preschool or Kindergarten at around ages 4-5. 

Kids are learning and growing all the time. The dots are all connecting. It's an exciting time! When it comes to doing something new, for the first time, it's important to praise that! "well done! you tried something new!"... It's truly admirable. Maybe even reward it with something?

If I try a new recipe when cooking I give myself loads of credit and I already have all of the key skills involved, like chopping, knowledge of food etc. How much more amazing is a child trying to write? It's certainly not perfect writing we want, because repeating perfection is both a lot of pressure and is impossible to sustain. What we truly want is for them to have the spirit to try and grow as a result... and we won't foster that by adding pressure to get it right! 

Letter P worksheet PDF Download

P for Pig... How else can you support alphabet learning?

What else have you been doing to help grow alphabet understanding in your littluns? A game of I-Spy? Alphabet songs? Drawing in sand? Drawing on their back and them drawing the same on a board (or equivalent?)

There's a game I used to play as a teacher called BANG! To play this game you would need at least 3 children. It's based on pass the parcel. Instead of a parcel, we would pass around a teddy bear or soft ball. Inside the ball or teddy bear was a timer, sometimes set to 1 minute, sometimes to a random amount of time. It was called BANG because when the timer goes off we would all shout "BANG!". You may be able to come up with a less noisy version of this if you prefer a calmer environment... 

If we were learning "P". We would name things beginning with P and pass the teddy. Whoever has the teddy when the timer goes off is either "out" until we had a winner or does a silly dare to re-enter the game if they want. Many Many hours of fun with this game! And can be adapted in so many ways...  

However you're choosing to cause learning and familiarity to happen in your children I hope it's varied and enjoyable. How about sharing what's working for you?

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