Free and Printable - These Fun Number 2 Worksheets Are Perfect For Young Imaginations

Number 2 parrots worksheet for use in preschool or kindergarten

Are you using this number 2 worksheet to introduce your kids to the number two?

Your children can count the parrots, practice writing the number two and also color in at the bottom. How about seeing if you can find and count two more birds when you're out and about?

Click on the image to download the PDF, print out and hope it goes well! Who's a pretty polly!

All our worksheets are designed by a children's illustrator and a teacher...they're all free because we're committed to closing the unfair gaps in children's education.

More details about this number 2 worksheet

Welcome your children to the number two in various ways using this colorful and engaging worksheet designed to awaken the wonder of your little learners. 

They can point and count, choose they're favourite colors and fill in two parrots, and get some number tracing practice while following the handy instructions. This worksheet is most likely to be used at ages 4-5 when recognition is probably already pretty solid... i.e. if you show them a 1, 2, and 3 worksheet and ask where is the two? They'll know and be able to point. Also, if you ask "what's this?" they may know it's a two and be able to say so. Once they can spot and name a "2" it may be time for counting, number formation and connecting what they know to real life. 

Handwriting can be difficult at a young age so it's important to celebrate their effort rather than their perfection. 

Supporting number learning as a teacher or parent 

One powerful thing you can do to support your children's growth when it comes to learning numbers is to pay close attention to them rather than their output. Look closely to see things you admire. Do you see a moment of them concentrating well? How about a moment of trying again when it's difficult for them? Look for anything that you think they would benefit from doing again, do they smile while doing it? Do they ask a good question?

Kids respond so well to genuine praise when it's about something they did and can try and do again. It's not a good idea to say for example, That's amazing, you got them all right. Because getting them all right is not only impossible to repeat in each task... if you want them to grow and enjoy challenge, you'll want them to try things on the edge of their ability, inevitably getting some wrong.

If you do this, their desire for learning will grow and they'll feel more empowered in their next challenge. It can take time to foster these kinds of qualities but it's well worth it! 

Sometimes half the battle is not nagging them and criticising them... and looking for the golden nugget of the thing you want more of and giving attention to that.

Other methods you might consider

Games, songs, counting things around the house and when out, number spotting with prizes, are a few ideas for helping children become even more familiar with the number two. 

How about a race to find two of an item around the house? 

Or getting two of something in the supermarket?

Or giving two of something to grandma or another close person? If they do the giving it will make a nice number memory. 

How about watching this wonderful video of parrots talking to get them in the mood? Can they count the parrots in the video?

Let us know in the comments if you managed to create a positive memory for your children involving the number two?

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