Number 8 Worksheet

How nice is this number 8 worksheet? I love the playful baby ducks. So in tune with children...

The free PDF number 8 worksheet below encourages kids to recognise, count, trace, and color the number eight. As kids get more practice, and become more familiar with numbers, it gradually opens up the fascinating world of math and patterns wider.

We try to create worksheets that stand out. Most of all we want to provide something that ignites a subtle love of learning in children around the world. 

Learning can be a magical and wonderful thing. Many positive emotions are involved... interest, curiosity, inspiration, even awe. Learning and growth also creates hope, pride, joy, and gratitude. 

Download now by clicking the image and print for free. 

Learning the number eight

How might you help your kids learn the number eight? Some typical props include spiders (8 legs), octopus (8 arms), and an umbrella (8 spokes). These can be great for counting practice in the real world.  

What else might you use to practice drawing the number eight? A salt tray? sand? with sprinkles? You can draw the number and then shake to reset which is good fun. 

I do love a game. How about using balloons? Can they count to 8 while keeping the balloon from touching the floor? Counting everytime they hit it up? Can they do it only using their left hand? their feet and legs? Can they do it with a silly monster (played rather wonderfully by me) trying to stop them? 

Can they find the balloon with the number eight on it? Assuming you have a safe play area and enough adult support, you could get whoever is playing to spin around for 8 seconds so they become dizzy then try and find a balloon with an eight on it. I would sometimes also spin the child myself just so I can control the level of dizziness. Especially if I have a kid who is a bit nuts! So simple and so much fun! You could even get the kids to try and count to 8 once they've found the balloon to complete the task. Doing all this while dizzy provided plenty of laughs and good times.  

How about choosing a few nursery rhymes or number songs and singing them throughout the day? Do you remember the ones you used to sing when you were a child? I remember singing ten green bottles and ten in a bed quite a lot. Oh yeah, and of course once I caught a fish alive. Maybe ten little duckies staying with the duckling theme of the worksheet above? 

How about counting duckies at bath time? Or a trip to the park to find some real ducks? 

However you go about it, I hope it's low-stress and fun for all.  

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