Addition facts to 20 worksheets that bring smiles and greater focus to learning! (PDF)

Free, printable, and fun addition worksheets for kids!

Our addition facts to 20 worksheets will bring enjoyment to the worksheet part of the learning journey! 

You'll find worksheets that create a feeling of engagement and interest in your little one's while they're challenging themselves to grow.

Below you can download a high-quality PDF for the following worksheets... each with their own fun twist:

Addition flowers

These flowers need some sunshine. Can your kids be the sunshine for them and help them bloom beautifully? Can they imagine them growing taller and taller?! We hope to ignite your kids imagination while they practice addition. 

  • The middle of each flower is the first number in the sum
  • the inner petal is the 2nd part
  • The outer petal is the answer

Addition facts to 20 WorksheetFlowers addition facts to 20 worksheet

Flowers addition to 20 worksheet PDF download.

Black and white flowers addition to 20 worksheet PDF download.

The tortoises (Multiple choice)

Addition up to 20 tortoises (multiple choice)Tortoises addition facts to 20 worksheet

This multiple choice addition facts to 20 worksheet let's your children meet some tortoises.

They will be so happy to meet them! 

They're not in a rush. They're enjoying each moment.

They all have some questions... As your little ones meet each one what will they say? and can they answer their questions? 

They surely want your kids to focus on believing in themselves!

Tortoises addition up to 20 worksheet PDF download.

Black and white tortoises addition up to 20 worksheet PDF download

Smiley caterpillars

These caterpillars are looking for something. The answers to some sums! Can your kids help them by writing on their bodies?

They're learning just like your littluns, growing each time they try their best!

Watch the difference when a 5 year old sits down to a list of sums and to this worksheet! 

This free and printable addition worksheet is mostly likely appropriate for children in kindergarten but not necessarily. If it's way too easy, time to take a small step up in difficulty... if it's much too difficult, it's time to take a step back and try an easier addition worksheet. 

Addition to 20 caterpillarsCaterpillars addition facts to 20 worksheet

Caterpillar addition to 20 worksheet PDF download.

Black and white caterpillar addition to 20 PDF download

Help the moon

Free printable addition to 20 moon worksheetMoon addition facts to 20 worksheet

Did you know that when someone is experiencing a positive emotion, which could be interest, joy, hope, gratitude, serenity, pride, inspiration, amusement... that their awareness of possibilities broaden and greater resources are built as a result? 

Our worksheets are created with this in mind... using beautiful images and engaging activities... 

With this addition facts to 20 worksheet your children can help the moon (who doesn't want to do that!) by drawing a line to connect the sums with the stars?

Help the moon addition to 20 worksheet PDF download.

Black and white moon addition to 20 worksheet PDF download

Bring the picture to life

If you're looking for a worksheet that takes a little longer to complete this one would be perfect. Also, if a child is quite proficient in addition up to 20 this can be a nice activity to emphasise that.

Your kids can slowly bring the picture to life by answering the addition facts to 20.  They can use the code at the bottom to help them... gradually adding more and more color/colour to the picture and creating artwork in the process. 

They'll be left with a beautiful image, created by themselves, that will remind them fondly of their addition achievements. 

Addition to 20 worksheet - Reveal the pictureUnicorn addition facts to 20 worksheet

Unicorn addition up to 20 worksheet PDF download.

Black and white unicorn addition up to 20 worksheet PDF download.

The Balloons

The balloons addition worksheetBalloons addition facts to 20 worksheet

Our final addition facts to 20 worksheet is another one involving color (US) / colour (UK). 

What kid doesn't love balloons?!

We hope with our worksheets to create memories and bring up positive nostalgia in some cases.

Combining addition practice with a bit of a story and a variety of activities, we at least we hope the activity is more engaging and interesting than a list of sums. 

...and for teachers, these worksheets are ideal as something to give the parents/guardians to show progress and achievement.

Addition facts to 20 balloons worksheet PDF download.

Addition to 20 balloons worksheet PDF download black and white version.

If you liked using these addition facts to 20 worksheets...

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to support you in supporting our future leaders, please don't hesitate to ask!

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