Free Multiplication worksheets (Printable PDF)

Want your kids to enjoy their multiplication practice and also concentrate better?

Our multiplication worksheets are created with children in mind. We use colorful designs that ignite their love, curiosity, and amusement because we believe that happy kids learn better!

Whether it's learning basic multiplication, practicing using a multiplication table, or working through your times tables we have a variety of sheets for you to download here. Some multiplication facts are harder than others so we've split our problems into 1 times table, 2 times table, 3 times table, 4 times table and so on... so you can choose the exact level you want to work at.

You'll find the following worksheets below:

  1. Times Table Worksheets - A wide variety of worksheets focusing on the 1-12 times tables - including multiple choice, missing answer, multiplication flowers, and many more. Click on the image to choose which times table you'd like to work on first. 
  2. Multiplication Table - Kids can use this fun multiplication table activity to test themselves and see how much they've learnt.

Did you enjoy using these multiplication worksheets? 

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