Free Letter D Worksheet (PDF)

This letter d worksheet supports alphabet writing practice for beginners. Kids can gradually learn through trying to trace the letter D

This free printable letter D worksheet will help your kids start to explore writing the letter "d". This handwriting worksheet has lowercase and uppercase tracing exercises. It's most likely to be used by preschool or kindergarten children when writing is typically introduced.

Do you remember learning how to write letters as a child? Writing is a huge milestone so it's important to take all the pressure off and give a big window of tolerance for "mistakes". Mistakes of course don't really exist. The only mistake is not trying in the first place. Growth and imperfection go hand in hand.

You can download the free PDF for this D for dog worksheet below. I hope your child enjoys it :-)

Letter D worksheet (Download Here)

"What else can I do to help my child learn better?"

Learning is something that is happening naturally in young children most of the time but that doesn't mean we can't do things to help nudge it along a little better. Learning is discovery, surprise, interest, excitement, hope... Well, it can be!

Benjamin Franklin when he said something like... tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn... was aware of the magic of learning and how to cause it to happen and how to not limit it. 

We seem to intuitively realise this when a child is young. When we tell and they forget, we can grow frustrated. "How many times have I told them?". When we explain and they understand there is some satisfaction but often the joyful experience of learning is missing.

However, nothing beats letting go and giving them an experience where they learn for themselves and supporting that. Some things can get in the way of that joy as well... expectations of a certain speed of learning, comparing to others, expecting them to learn in a certain way. Perhaps tone of the challenges is to remove these obstacles and give them choices and opportunities and an even bigger or clearer reason to learn more. 

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